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Melissa Pierre

Happy to announce that Melissa Pierre, Senior Trade and Policy Specialist Officer at The American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago, will be speaking at the upcoming TTDRM Conference and Expo!

At Trinidad & Tobago Disaster Risk Management Conference 2024 we will demonstrate the value of investing in disaster preparedness and business continuity to ensure business resiliency. Past and current events such the Covid-19 Pandemic, Cyber Security attacks and Supply Chain disruption caused by global events, point quite clearly to the need for effective business continuity planning and testing of those plans, not to mention effective communication.

Julie Kay Roberts, CEM, WOSB of the Private Sector Emergency Management Association, USA will lead our hands-on private sector Learning Lab. This and for lots, lots more on our private sector agenda.

Join us as we shape Trinidad and Tobago's landscape.

Don't miss this chance to gain expert knowledge and network with industry leaders. See you there! Register now:

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