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Join the critical conversation on disaster risk management! Our three-day conference tackles the challenges, from national policy to on-the-ground solutions and includes interactive presentations, panel discussions and learning labs targeted at public and private sector and NGO’s.


Come listen to international, regional and national perspectives that cover a range of pressing topics. We dive into the big picture, with expert insights on understanding disaster risk, building business resilience and incident management.


This conference is your chance to:


•    Connect with leading experts and practitioners.

•    Learn practical strategies to safeguard your business or organization.

•    Contribute to a safer, more resilient future for all.


Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of disaster risk management. Register today!

Let the National Conversations Begin

Day 1 

3rd June: 8am - 5pm

Delegate arrival and registration

  • Welcome Address: Ms. Stacey-Ann Pi Osoria, Managing Director, PODS Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions

  • Feature Speaker: Mr. Ronald Jackson, Head of Disaster Risk Reduction, Recovery and Resilience Building, UNDP - international perspective on navigating disaster risk reduction, access to technical and financial assistance, and overcoming barriers and what key work is still required

  • Feature Speaker: The Honourable Faris Al Rawi, Minister of Rural Development & Local Government

  • Keynote Speaker: The Honourable Penelope Beckles, Minister of Planning & Development 


Coffee Break 


1. Understanding the current landscape, nationally and regionally, discussing the barriers to effective disaster risk reduction and actions needed to remove those barriers to resiliency

  • Major General (Retired) Rodney Smart, CEO - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management

  • Mr. Allan Stewart, Director - Tobago Emergency Management Agency

  • Mr. Jerry David, Senior Disaster Management Co-Ordinator - Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government

  • Ms. Melissa Pierre, Senior Trade and Policy Specialist - AMCHAM TT

  • Ms. Jill De Bourg, President - Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society
    Moderator: Ronald Jackson



Lunch Break / Opening of the Exhibition

2. WebEOC practical session and interface

  • Mr. Owen Sandy, Emergency Management Consultant

3. Making cities resilient through the pursuit of infrastructure resilience and resilient urban development and design


  • Dr. Ilias Papadopoulous, Research Fellow Engineering Seismologist - UWI Seismic Research Centre –  20 minutes

​Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Allan Stewart, Director - Tobago Emergency Management Agency 

  • Mr. Jerry David, Sr. Disaster Management Co-Ordinator - Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government

  • Ms. Jassodra Kuizon, Assistant Director, Town & Country Planning  
    Moderator: Ronald Jackson

4. Understanding the opportunities for accessing funding and financial support mechanisms, including long-term disaster aid, for comprehensive disaster risk reduction in T&T


  • Ms. Regina Bakhteeva, Head of Trinidad and Tobago Satellite Office, Caribbean Multi-Country Office United Nations World Food Programme – 15 minutes

Panel Discussion

  • Ms. Vashti Guyadeen, CEO, TT Coalition of Services Industries

  • Ms. Melissa Pierre, Senior Trade and Policy Specialist - AMCHAM TT
    Moderator: Dike Rostant

Networking and Visiting the Exhibitors

Let's get practical

Day 2 

4th June: 8am - 5pm

5. City and Community Evacuation - effective stakeholder collaboration


  • Mr. Ashraf Ali, Actg. Assistant Superintendent of Police – 20 minutes

Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Nigel Baker, Team Coordinator Florida South Regional TYPE III Incident Management Team

  • Mr. Sharif Mohammed, Health Safety & Environment Officer, Ministry of Education

  • Ms. Patrice Durham, Disaster Management Coordinator, POSCC 
    Moderator: Dike Rostant


Coffee Break / Visiting the Exhibitions

6. Making the business case for Business Continuity and Building Resilience 


  • Cyber Security and Disaster Risk Reduction - Anish Bachu, ICT Security Specialist - Trinidad & Tobago Cyber Security Incident Response Team (TT-CSIRT)

  • Communications in Disaster Management - Ravindarnath Goswami, Region 9 Director - REACT International

  • Supply Chain Risk Management - Major Anthony Booker, Head of Procurement - TT Regiment

  • Protecting critical infrastructure - Mr. Kevin Harris, Director of Field Sales – Presray

  • Key roles in incident management - Mr. Edward Kacal, CEO - Servus Ltd.
    Moderator: Dike Rostant



Lunch / Visiting the Exhibitions

7. Learning Labs
Introduction and context for each Learning Lab - Stacey-Ann Pi Osoria

Public sector - Strengthening Safety and Resilience through Early Warning Systems, Mr. Navindra Persad Regional Coordinator, ODPM

Private sector - Business Continuity & Business Resilience:

  • Ms. Marise Johncilla, CEO / Principal Consultant, The Serenon Group

  • Ms. Carol-Ann McKenzie, Founder & Principal Consultant, Strategic PR Solutions

  • Mrs. Natasha Mustapha-Scott, Island Manager, Tropical Shipping & Mr. Michael Khan Vice President Sales, Trinidad Systems Limited


NGO - Tips For Writing Award Winning Grant Proposals - Ms. Sara-Jade Govia Operations Officer, Environmental/Water Specialist & Mr. Richardo Aiken, Community Development Specialist - Caribbean Development Bank



Coffee Break / Visiting the Exhibitions

8. Presentation on mobile shelters by DLX 



Networking and Visiting the Exhibitors

Let's get involved

Day 3 

5th June: 8am - 5pm

9. Reaching the ground in communities - early warning systems allowing effective response to incidents


  • Flood Early Warning Systems - Mr. Ron Marotto, Engineering Manager, Hydrology Watershed Protection Ventura County

  • Good crisis communication practices in community engagement - Lisa-Ann Joseph, MD, Reputation Management Caribbean

​10. Role of NGOs and Volunteers as key stakeholders in disaster risk reduction and emergency response



  • CERT, Mr. Jerry David – Strengthening Disaster Resilience and Response Efforts with community emergency response

  • EMATT, Col Dave (Ret) Williams – EMATT..A Working Partner

  • Caribbean Development Bank, Mr. Richardo Aiken – Understanding NGOs and CBOs Capacity
    Moderator: Dike Rostant


11. Public Private Sector Partnerships


  • Ms. Julie Roberts, President, Private Sector Emergency Management Association



Lunch / Visiting the Exhibitions

12. Incorporating the special needs of the disadvantaged in disaster response planning


  • Mr. Jamal Legen - Member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Panel Discussion

  • Ms. Qushiba La Fleur - WeCare Deaf Support Network

  • Mr. Floyd Lalite - Blind Welfare Association

  • Mr. Kerwin Thomas - Disabled Peoples International Trinidad and Tobago chapter

  • Ms. Morgan Lewis - Autistic Society on behalf of Coalition of Disability Organisations


13. Making Cities Resilient Action Plan 2030 - TOBAGO


  • Mr. Allan Stewart, Director - Tobago Emergency Management Agency


14. Building capability in emergency management


  • Dr. Julie Samaru, Adjunct Lecturer - Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies


15. The Tobago Oil Spill Experience


  • Mr. Allan Stewart, Director - Tobago Emergency Management Agency



Conference wrap, thanks and next steps 



Want to get involved in the show?

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