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Disaster Risk Management Conference & EXPO 2024:

Hyatt Regency, Trinidad and Tobago
Date: 3rd-5th June 2024

The Conference

Join Us for Three Days of Disaster Risk Management Discussions
Date: 3rd-5th June
Time: 8am - 5pm

At this inaugural Trinidad and Tobago Disaster Risk Management Conference & Expo, we will bring together a range of partners and stakeholders to explore further integration, collaboration and country-level implementation to explore what is getting in the way of building our resilience to hazards and reduce impact to lives and livlihoods, business and communities.  

In this Conference:

  • We will explore barriers to effective risk mitigation

  • We will review lessons learnt from disaster events and explore how we effectively address the root causes

  • We will increase awareness and capability in emergency response planning and execution through workshops, training and learning sessions over the 3 days

  • We will explore the importance of the connection between business resiliency, executive leadership and emergency planning in our private sector including building Supply Chain Resilience and safeguarding your business and operations from cyber threats

  • We will explore avenues of accessing funding to support building resilience and raise awareness of the importance of governance and accountability frameworks

  • Improving awareness of existing and new technological advancements in emergency management for data collection, sharing and dissemination 

Conference Endorsements

About the Conference Endorsements?

The TTDRM Conference is an initiative by PODS Emergency Management Consultancy & Solutions to bring together experts, stakeholders, and individuals who have an interest in disaster risk management and business continuity. Our goal is to provide a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration to build resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters.  READ MORE


TTDRM Conference is proud to bring together inspirational speakers from across the globe to share their knowledge and insights on disaster risk management.

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